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The Need For Speed: 4 Website Performance Tips

[This article was written by Michael Zhou.] Have you heard of user experience? It is trending and you should definitely know what it is. Providing a powerful user experience is vital to the growth and success of your business, especially

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4 Essential Things To Know When Starting an Ecommerce Business

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.] In the modern society, starting a new business is not for everyone due to the stiff competition and other challenges that entrepreneurs face. However, if you have enough resources, skills and a well

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5 Ways to beat Banner Blindness

[This article was written by Jessica Smith.] What is banner blindness? Banner blindness, one of the most painful facts from the online marketing and advertising industry, is the tendency of online browsers to consciously or subconsciously ignore page elements that they

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5 Hints to Make Your Website More User-friendly

[This article was written by Deborah Tayloe.] Websites are great. They act as information directories, points of contact, shop windows, all at once for businesses. Great websites can help personalize brands and act as effective sales channels. However, globally the

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Website Development – Is It Really Dead or Still Worth Investing for Future?

[This article was written by Ankit Patel.] Today, businesses are getting into the website development to gain benefits that the digital platform brings in and, most importantly, to get a competitive edge over the others in the market. The result

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How to Increase Website Conversion With These Easy Design Hacks

[This article was written by Ashley Kimler.] Every online entrepreneur knows the challenge of high bounce rates, low conversion, and excessive A/B testing. These issues arise, at some point, with every website. But, what if you could save yourself hundreds

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