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Back to the Basics: 7 Offline Marketing Tips

[This article was written by Jessica Velasco.] The digital age is upon us, and daily life reflects this fact. Internet users can do just about anything online—which is a fact not lost on business promoters. In today’s world, a marketing campaign

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Leveraging Technology for Integrated Marketing Communication

[This articles was written by Jim Rutherford.] There is so much clutter in the consumer consciousness that marketing a unique message that resonates is nearly impossible. In order to separate from the mundane and the profane, it is more important than

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Your Poor Grammar May Be Costing Your Business Twitter Followers

[Today’s article was written by Debbie Allen, who is an online marketer, content writer, and blogger.] Twitter can be an excellent platform for growing your business. You can use it as a place to promote articles that discuss topics relating to

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Why Should I Consider a Business Mentor?

Business mentors can be a valuable source of information, insight, and assistance, giving your new business that extra leg up it needs to stay competitive and on track. What can a business mentor do for me? Here are three reasons

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Make Your Small Business Worthwhile

To make a small business opportunity worthwhile, you need to consider a few things. To begin a small business you need a business plan, marketing strategy, financing options, and knowledge of your employees’ needs. Business plan To get the best

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Seth Godin, Marketing Mastermind

If you’re running a business, and you’ve never heard of Seth Godin, literally drop anything you’re doing right now and pay attention. This guy knows his stuff, and if you’re wondering how to reach potential customers without simultaneously annoying the

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