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Members or Managers? How to Decide How to Manage Your LLC

When you form an LLC, you’ll fill out Articles of Organization and register them with the business division of your Secretary of State. This document asks some basic information about your business, including its name, address, type of business, and

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3 Reasons Your Startup Can Fail

Starting a business is risky—any startup entrepreneur will tell you that. But there are things any entrepreneur can do to mitigate that risk and position your business for success. If any of the below factors sound familiar to you, you

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Kickstarter: Where Anyone Can Be An Investor

Investing is a risky business. The innovator risks failing to raise enough money and ending up sitting on a half-funded dream, and the investor risks sinking his or her money into a prospect that never had a chance to get

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Entrepreneurs Hail SXSW’s StartupBus, A Unique Challenge

What do home video event-narrative templates, a real-time text-based personalized baby schedule-reminder service, and a virtual muscle-bound bouncer for your email have in common? They’re all brand new innovations that are being developed for this year’s South by Southwest in

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