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Friday Favorites: Copyright Edition

This Friday, we’re all about copyrights! Here are a few excellent resources we’ve found this week to help guide you through some copyright-related issues. “The Pointless Copyright Freakout Over Pinterest” by Mike Masnick of TechDirt Pinterest has been making waves

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Sampling and Copyright Infringement

Many hip-hop artists through the years have freely sampled recordings from other songs, television, movies, and so on. (Sampling, obviously, is when someone takes a “sample” of one sound recording and uses it in another way, frequently by looping the

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Fair Use and Copyright Infringement

A copyright owner has certain rights to his or her work—with some exceptions, the owner of the copyright is the only one who can reproduce, display, or otherwise share his or her work with the public. Fair use is one

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The Force Is Strong With George Lucas. Usually.

George Lucas’s penchant for enforcing his intellectual property rights with an iron fist is legendary throughout the galaxy—and why should any Star Wars fan begrudge him his right to what’s his? He self-funded a significant amount of the early project, he

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What Is Copyright Infringement? Part 2

Copyright FAQ In this second Copyright Infringement Q&A, we respond to your questions by taking a look at two more areas in which copyright law is sometimes misunderstood. Q. I put a disclaimer on my YouTube video that I don’t

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Why Is There So Much Copyrighted Material on YouTube?

We’ve been asked by many a baffled YouTuber why they see so much copyrighted material that hasn’t been flagged for removal, while they themselves have similarly copyrighted videos pulled down for copyright infringement. Of course, if someone else gets away

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