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Creating a Business Model That Allows For Scalability

[This guest post was written by business writer Adam Kinsey.] The goal most, if not all, businesses is to grow and thrive within their marketplace and economy. For this to happen, the operations model needs to inherently possess the ability to

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Top 5 Tips for Keeping Bookkeeping Duties from Driving You Crazy

[Today’s guest post was written by Sarah Boisvert.] As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that bookkeeping is a necessary evil that will come back to haunt you if not handled properly. The implications of overlooked—or worse yet—ignored bookkeeping

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Top 4 Most Confusing/Long-Winded Training Videos

[This blog post was submitted by freelance writer Kyle O’Brien.]   Unless you’re your own boss, most every other job out there requires formalities from the moment a person is hired. Some sort of training exercise, or a bunch of binders

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Friday Favorites: Employee Edition

This morning, we’ll take a look at the best of last week’s posts about employees—and employee behaviors that you should either encourage, or nip in the bud! “8 Bad Habits that Are Driving Your Coworkers Crazy” by Business Insurance Quotes

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3 Reasons Your Startup Can Fail

Starting a business is risky—any startup entrepreneur will tell you that. But there are things any entrepreneur can do to mitigate that risk and position your business for success. If any of the below factors sound familiar to you, you

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3 Ways Not to Run Your Business

Running your business is an adventure. You’re finally out from your boss’s thumb—you’re the boss now!—and you can do whatever you want . . . right? Wrong. If you’re starting a business with the attitude that you personally are the

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