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Sticky Content: Keeping Web Visitors on the Page

[This article was written by Sarah Saker.] Getting viewers to your website is one thing; keeping them there is another! The tips below may be basic, but as in sports, fundamentals count! Nail those and the fancy moves can come

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Keeping Your Customers’ Personal Information Secure

As a small business owner, your clients are going to trust you with a tremendous amount of their personal information. What can you do to ensure that you keep that information as safe as possible? 1. Have a Privacy Policy

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Do Less and Get More Cash Flow for Your Business

This guest post was written by Andrew Cravenho. On the mountain of challenges faced by small businesses, cash flow is frequently at the summit. There Are Methods Available that Can Bring in the Cash Launch a vigorous sales campaign. If your

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The Great Social Customer Service Race

[Today’s guest post is from Ashley Verrill of Software Advice.] In March, I will head to Florida to speak at an HP conference about an experiment I conducted recently called “The Great Social Customer Service Race.” The four-week project tested

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Customer Service is Still Important (Especially for Small Business)

[Today’s guest post is courtesy of Wayne Baumgartner of HeadsetsDirect.com.] Customer service is one of the most valuable and irreplaceable products that your small business can offer. In fact, it’s one of the leading reasons that customers become loyal and

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The Benefits of Having a Company Blog

[The following post was written by guest author Chris Lee of Marler Haley.]   A majority of companies maintain websites nowadays, in response to the increasing proportion of consumers who begin their search for business and services online (the figure

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