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How Employees Can Make or Break the Customer Experience

[This article was written by Brooke Cade.]  For the second year in a row, customer satisfaction is reported to be a top measure of marketing success, even above revenue growth and customer acquisition. Within any business organization, customer satisfaction is

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4 Areas of Business That Company Owners Must Not Neglect

[This article was written by Hannah Whittenly.]  Whether you’re a small or large business, there are a few major aspects of running a company that most business owners tend to neglect. From using effective marketing techniques to regular bookkeeping around

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Ways to Improve Healthcare Customer Satisfaction

[Today’s article was written by Lindsey Dahlberg.] Many people in the health industry have neglected the customer experience for far too long. It’s been easy to believe that specialized knowledge will allow your business to succeed. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy

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How a Start-Up Can Capitalize on Promotions to Create Buzz

Buzz is an important part of any company’s success. With the advertising market saturated, buzz is becoming an increasingly reliable way to gain popularity and grow a business. Start-up companies can benefit greatly from buzz because they are new to

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Customer Service is Still Important (Especially for Small Business)

[Today’s guest post is courtesy of Wayne Baumgartner of HeadsetsDirect.com.] Customer service is one of the most valuable and irreplaceable products that your small business can offer. In fact, it’s one of the leading reasons that customers become loyal and

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Top Tools for Better Social Customer Service Response

[This guest post is from Ashley Furness, CRM Analyst for Help Desk Software Advice.]   Pop quiz: How long does it take your team to respond when a customer submits a service request on Twitter, Facebook or another social media channel? One day.

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