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How to Best Keep Your Tax Documents Organized

[This guest post is courtesy of insurance and finance writer Chris Martin.] Most Americans aren’t very fond of tax season. It usually requires sifting through mountains of receipts and stacks of papers trying to compile everything for their tax returns.

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Keeping the Courts From Piercing the Corporate Veil

Most businesses don’t set out to commit corporate fraud and break the law, and you’re certainly not one of those businesses (right?). But you don’t have to intentionally commit a crime in order to weaken your corporate veil and leave

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Top 3 Reasons to Incorporate Your Business

Incorporating a business isn’t for everyone. It can be expensive: the filing fee for corporations is generally higher than unincorporated businesses. It can be time-consuming :there is a great deal of paperwork to complete and maintain, and compliance requirements at

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Corporate Veil: Q&A

For many business owners, one of the main factors in the decision to incorporate is the limited liability protection inherent in a corporate structure; contrary to a sole proprietorship or partnership DBA, the owners of a corporation are not liable

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Piercing the Corporate Veil: The Legal Separation Between You and Your Business

What does it mean to pierce the corporate veil? Many people starting a new business decide to form a corporation or LLC because of the personal liability protection these types of businesses offer; if the business defaults on a loan,

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Top Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs Forming an LLC

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a form of business that is provides limited liabilities to its owners. This institution has certain characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership, thus it is sometimes misinterpreted as a limited liability

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