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Copyright Registrations and Pen Names / Pseudonyms

Pen names, or pseudonyms, are common in the book publishing arena, as well as blogs and other online publications. But how does using a pseudonym or pen name affect your copyright registration? Let’s take a closer look at pseudonyms and

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Registering a Copyright: The Hidden Costs of Waiting

As a blogger, I like to hang around various online communities, joining the conversation and getting a feel for what people are talking about and what sort of information they’re looking for. It gives me a chance to connect and

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What Every Musician Needs to Know About Copyrights

Sometimes, for musicians, it’s easy for legal issues to be overlooked—but that doesn’t make them any less important. In fact, copyright issues can present an enormous hurdle to your plans for your work, so it’s important to be aware of

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Copyright Registration: When Does It Expire?

We know that the act of copyrighting your work is a way to protect against others using that work without your permission—but all copyright registrations expire. What if you want to use a work that has previously been registered with

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Q: Can I Copyright an Entire Album At Once?

A:  Yes—if certain criteria are met. To understand the criteria involved in copyrighting a whole album in one submission, let’s briefly go over the information required on a copyright registration application, and how the registration process works. The Application With

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Protecting Your Website: Copyright Myths Dispelled

As “website” isn’t yet recognized by the US Copyright Office as a category of work, there are a lot of false assumptions floating around out there about exactly how to correctly copyright a website. Some of those assumptions land close

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