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Copyright Registrations and Pen Names / Pseudonyms

Pen names, or pseudonyms, are common in the book publishing arena, as well as blogs and other online publications. But how does using a pseudonym or pen name affect your copyright registration? Let’s take a closer look at pseudonyms and

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Registering a Copyright: The Hidden Costs of Waiting

As a blogger, I like to hang around various online communities, joining the conversation and getting a feel for what people are talking about and what sort of information they’re looking for. It gives me a chance to connect and

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Copyrighting a Book: Important Information for Authors

In the book publishing world of today, copyrighting your book seems like the least of your worries—but as an author, it’s important that you understand not only your legal rights as a writer, but how to defend them. Your career

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What Is Copyright Infringement? Part 2

Copyright FAQ In this second Copyright Infringement Q&A, we respond to your questions by taking a look at two more areas in which copyright law is sometimes misunderstood. Q. I put a disclaimer on my YouTube video that I don’t

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Q: Can I Copyright an Entire Album At Once?

A:  Yes—if certain criteria are met. To understand the criteria involved in copyrighting a whole album in one submission, let’s briefly go over the information required on a copyright registration application, and how the registration process works. The Application With

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The Truth About Fanfiction

From reviewing some of the questions our copyrighting division has received in recent months, it’s clear that the legality of derivative works, namely fanfiction, is causing some confusion. We’ve taken a few of these questions and answers and fleshed them

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