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Registering a Copyright: The Hidden Costs of Waiting

As a blogger, I like to hang around various online communities, joining the conversation and getting a feel for what people are talking about and what sort of information they’re looking for. It gives me a chance to connect and

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Sampling and Copyright Infringement

Many hip-hop artists through the years have freely sampled recordings from other songs, television, movies, and so on. (Sampling, obviously, is when someone takes a “sample” of one sound recording and uses it in another way, frequently by looping the

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Copyrighting a Book: Important Information for Authors

In the book publishing world of today, copyrighting your book seems like the least of your worries—but as an author, it’s important that you understand not only your legal rights as a writer, but how to defend them. Your career

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Copyright Registration: When Does It Expire?

We know that the act of copyrighting your work is a way to protect against others using that work without your permission—but all copyright registrations expire. What if you want to use a work that has previously been registered with

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