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How to Create a Customer Relations Strategy that Drives Results

[This guest post was written by professional writer and CRM specialist Jamaica Sanchez.] Customer service is an integral part of any business. Your product is the skeleton that builds your business while customer service is the muscle that fortifies it. There

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How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Maximize Your Content Marketing

[This article was written by Pamela Ramos, who is a website marketing consultant.] Many businesses attend content marketing events, read up on new ideas, and come up with a constant supply of interesting content. Yet, they still find it hard to

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Business Blog Post Ideas

It’s clear (or it should be clear) that your company needs a business blog. And you don’t need to be a professional writer or blogger to maintain your business blog—you’re a knowledgeable professional; just write what you know. But even

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Your Business Website Part 2: Making A Plan

You know who your customers are. You know where to find them. You know your product. But before you get ahead of yourself, sit down with a pencil and paper. It’s time to do some organizational planning. Decide What’s Most

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