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Thinking of Opening a Yoga Studio? There are a Few Things to Consider.

So, you’ve fallen in love with yoga and been practicing for years. You’ve gone through teacher training, multiple workshops, and have been instructing classes at every location you can find. You’ve been describing the philosophy of yoga to anyone who

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

[Today’s guest blog post was written by Chris Garrett, a freelance writer for Megaprint.] Starting a new business consists of a series of crucial decisions, one after another. Possibly the most important decision for any brick-and-mortar company is where to set up

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How Does Your Business Stack Up Against Competitors (and Should You Care)?

Keeping an eye on your competitors is usually good business practice—but just like anything else, it can be taken too far. Here are a few great resources for keeping your own business at the center of your own focus and

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