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How to Create a Customer Relations Strategy that Drives Results

[This guest post was written by professional writer and CRM specialist Jamaica Sanchez.] Customer service is an integral part of any business. Your product is the skeleton that builds your business while customer service is the muscle that fortifies it. There

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Pinterest Account

[This guest post was written by Mary Ylisela, writer and social media marketing manager.] Pinterest was launched in March 2010 to a select group of 5,000 initial users. Since then, this online scrapbook or pinboard site has grown in membership to over

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How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Maximize Your Content Marketing

[This article was written by Pamela Ramos, who is a website marketing consultant.] Many businesses attend content marketing events, read up on new ideas, and come up with a constant supply of interesting content. Yet, they still find it hard to

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Friday Favorites: Copyright Edition

This Friday, we’re all about copyrights! Here are a few excellent resources we’ve found this week to help guide you through some copyright-related issues. “The Pointless Copyright Freakout Over Pinterest” by Mike Masnick of TechDirt Pinterest has been making waves

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Friday Favorites: Social Media Edition

This week’s collection of outstandingly helpful/witty/otherwise awesome blog posts focus on Social Media. There’s a fine line between using Social Media as a useful free tool, and using it as a colossal waste of time. Here’s how to focus your

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Friday Favorites: February 13-17

Good things are happening in the business blogosphere, and we want to share them with you! Below are five standout posts we’ve noticed this week, and we believe they can help you and your small business. Perfect light reading for

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