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Loan or Investment? How to Fund Your Startup

Looking for a way to fund your startup? Let’s take a look at a few types of loans and investments that may or may not be practical options for you. Bank Loan If you’re looking for a bank loan, first

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Meet the Financial Needs of Your Business

[This blog post was submitted by guest author Michelle of UK-based RushMyPay.] All businesses do not run smoothly all the time. Any business, be it big or small, will face financial challenges and hurdles every now and then. Every business

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Preparing Your Small Business for a Bank Loan

Between bank loans and angel investors, bank loans are usually preferred simply because banks don’t take a huge chunk of your business control in exchange for the money. That said, bank loans are few and far between, and it’s important

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Business Loans 101: 4 Ways to Make Your Business Attractive to Banks

Business loans are not given to people simply for their great ideas. If you’ve got a great business idea, congratulations! But this doesn’t make you unique, and it doesn’t make anyone want to give you money. So what sets a

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