How to Prepare Your Team to Handle Worst Case-Scenerios

    [This article was written by Dawn Castell.]


    When your job is to be responsible for leading a team, chances are you’re being looked at to make sure you can control a team without having many bad scenarios happening. However, you really can’t have it where you won’t have anything bad happen on the job that can cost you money and time no matter how much you try to stop it. To be a good leader, you not only have to be able to prevent it as much as you can but to be able to navigate bad scenarios well.


    Depending on what industry you’re working in, once a bad case scenario happens, you could be constantly losing money for someone as long as the problem continues. It’s important that you’re able to be timely in how you fix an issue. For example, you’ll always want to have members on your team that can help out in any scenario whether it happens overnight or on the weekend. As a leader, you’re going to have to help out as well which means you might have to give some of your free time to make sure that you can keep your position in leadership. Ensure that you can fix an issue with timeliness whenever it pops up.


    A lot of the time you have issues that you might have not even imagined when you started working on a project. Sometimes, however, you can see that certain issues are more common which means you should make a game plan for when they occur. As talked about in the theory of Chaos Gamedays, a good way to plan is to run a fake scenario where you pretend an issue that could be common in the type of job you are doing occurs. You’ll then next go into having physical or virtual meetings in which you can decide what groups of people are good to work with each other to fix the issue in the highest quality fashion while still being done promptly. Planning by simulating your issues is a great way to make sure that you can fix an issue quickly if the time comes.


    If you’re part of a customer-facing company that has an issue that makes your customers not be able to use the product or service that have purchased, they could be ticked off enough where they decide to stop doing business with your company in the future. It’s important that you not only make sure that you are in constant messaging with your customers to alleviate them on their worries that you’re actively trying to fix whatever issue is happening, but that you compensate them for the trouble. Compensation can come in many different forms such as offering a free product that they might not own already or giving them a certain amount of free service for waiting around. Not only will you help prevent bad reviews by giving compensation, but customers might go out of the way to give you good reviews just for acknowledging that sometimes things happen.


    Running a company is hard when you’re constantly going to face issues big and small but preparing for them will make it a lot easier on yourself. Make sure that you sit down with those who can tell you what issues that you are likely to run into in some point in the future so you can go over the full procedures of what you’re going to do. As you get better with handling any issues that come up, you’ll be applauded and can even get a promotion from your good work.


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