How to Choose a Design Theme for Your Startup Office

    [This article was written by Samantha Higgins.]

    The decision to build a start-up is never an easy one. There are many considerations to make, and in most of these cases, the most challenging decision is on where to locate the business. Office space is a significant consideration for a start-up because their first office space determines the company culture and the brand identity the company develops with its clients. Some founders choose to design an office that reflects their own preferences on color, furniture, themes, and even location. In contrast, others opt for a more practical approach, focusing more on cost, size, and nearby amenities.

    The Rationale for Choosing a Great Theme

    A great office theme goes a long way in creating the right office environment, culture, and identity. The goofy, playful setting in Google’s offices fosters innovation, whereas the minimalist, squared design of Samsung’s office promotes perfection. A founder’s officer theme decision reinforces its capacity to steer the company forward by retaining creative employees. If you are in a temporary office space, you should observe how your employees behave and which amenities they frequent most. Some offices have a barrister because they noticed that most employees carry their coffee or order in a while at work.

    Office Branding and Logo

    The company’s colors, themes, and logo have to be central aspects of the overall office design. A new visitor should be able to see your office logo or brand image; immediately, they enter your office. This strategy not only reinforces your brand identity to new clients but also strengthens your company culture. The reception area should make a bold statement, because most clients, job seekers, and virtually every other interaction with the public will happen at the reception area. The seating space in the reception area should have all your office colors and themes. Themes also include shapes, and your furniture design should embody the aspects of shape that your company would want to project. Is it projecting, peace, and serenity? Then curvy, plush furniture would work better than metallic, straight furniture.

    Meeting Room Design

    Another room that must create a bold statement in the conference room. This is where important decisions regarding the internal and external interactions of the company are made. Wood is becoming a trendy overall theme for meeting rooms, with many opting for solid mahogany furniture, disregarding the plastic ones. A handcrafted table also sends a powerful message regarding your company’s sensitivity to nature and the aesthetic appreciation of living objects. A custom conference table also sends the message that you took enough time to think about your company image and how you intend to communicate your company’s culture to the public. As clients, partners, and even employees come for meetings; they are reminded of your company’s core values and culture.

    Overall, whether you prefer an industrial, commercial office design or traditional cubicle designs, choosing a refreshing theme that embodies your company’s values and culture is a central aspect of building your first start-up office. Eventually, your theme choice will dictate your future direction.

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    Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction. Samantha writes for Lighthouse Woodworks, which offers custom conference tables and other custom furniture.


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