Going Old School: 4 Tips for a Successful Print Marketing Strategy

    [This article was written by Hannah Whittenly.]

    In 2017, home and apartment sharing app Airbnb made headlines when it announced its intention to offer a print publication on a subscription basis. Airbnbmag is the latest example of an ongoing trend in the marketing industry, which is seeing a resurgence of hardcopy and print publications. Similar to vinyl records, magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, pamphlets, and print marketing materials are making a comeback, and this opens an interesting door for business owners. Here are four print marketing tips for those who are thinking about going old school:

    Focus on the Intellectual

    Marketing analysts who have been following the resurgence of print media have noticed an interesting trend. Consumers who pay attention to print materials tend to perceive greater value from the offers they evaluate. In terms of memory retention, print media is also clearly superior. With this in mind, when you set out to design a print marketing campaign, be sure to make it thoughtful.

    The Trend Is Your Friend

    We are at the very beginning of the print marketing resurgence trend, which means that the time to act is now. The companies reacting to the trend at this time are riding a wave of 3.9 percent annual increases in postcard readership. More people are choosing to review print marketing, but this trend will likely peak before it levels out in a few years.

    Combine the Online and Offline Worlds

    Don’t forget that prospects who enjoy print media also have online access. When you send out postcards, you should assume that a smartphone is nearby, which is an excellent opportunity to include OCR codes for prospects to scan. Going from offline to online is an experience that consumers are enjoying in 2018.

    Expect to See a Major Response

    When you choose direct marketing campaigns such as letters and postcards, there is a good chance that you will be flooded with responses. Direct mail marketing campaigns handled by companies such as Ballantine tend to get response rates 37 percent higher than email. In the case of postcard campaigns, the response rate is closer to five percent. Based on these rates, you should make sure your business can handle a high volume of responses before choosing a print marketing company.

    In the end, focusing too much on digital marketing is not the best strategy for small business owners to follow these days. Online marketing has become too crowded and competitive, which means that companies that choose to incorporate traditional print marketing strategies have a better chance at being noticed.

    Author Bio:

    Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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