Friday Favorites: 2/7/11 – 2/11/11

    It’s time again to share with you a few valuable resources we’ve found in our search for valuable information, great ideas, and food for thought. Have a great weekend!

    1. 15 Small Business Lessons from Richard Branson

    Spaceman, rock-star entrepreneur, and all-around awesome dude Richard Branson muses about the decisions he made that fueled his rise to the top.

    2. Where Are Social Media Marketers Seeing the Most Success?

    eMarketer has gathered together some fascinating statistics about the various social media outlets companies use to market their business—and even more fascinating, the various levels of success from each of those outlets. Are you focusing your social media marketing effectively?

    3. 2011 IRS Tax Calendar for Small Business and Self-Employed

    The bottom line is important—don’t ruin yours with easily avoidable late fees. This monthly calendar will keep you up to date on your responsibilities. Also, it’s kind of lovely.

    4. 13 Business Books That Will Blow Your Mind

    Every businessperson can benefit from a little inspiration. While not every book is directed specifically at running a business, they have what it takes to make readers better businesspeople nonetheless.

    5. The Most Influential CEOs Under 30

    Take in some inspiration over the weekend! Reuters brings you 10 of the most successful entrepreneurial stories of our time.

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