Friday Favorites: 1/31/11-2/4/11

    Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d bring you our top five entrepreneurial finds for the week to give you something to chew on over the weekend. Happy clicking!

    1. TED Talks: Seth Godin on standing out

    In the words of entrepreneur and permission marketing guru Seth Godin, “It’s not always about what the patent is like or what the factory is like—it’s about can you get your idea to spread or not.” Though filmed in 2003, this excellent talk continues to be relevant, using familiar examples to illustrate why sometimes kooky and strange and otherwise remarkable works better than being safe and sound and boring.

    2. 5 Minute Management Courses

    Anecdotes—parables, shall we say?—to illustrate a few reminders to business owners on keeping a healthy perspective.

    3. 10 Great Small Business Smartphone Apps

    There are about a thousand top-10 app lists, but they’re all pretty heavily skewed toward the iPhone. Those of us with Androids, Blackberrys, or iPhones alike will benefit from AllBusiness’s multi-platform review.

    4.—Killer resources for entrepreneurs

    While updates have slowed—or ceased—in recent months, there’s a wealth of valuable information, website tips, and food for entrepreneurial thought in the archives.

    5. Tales of Corporate Oppression

    And just because it’s Friday: take a look at some horror stories (from your past, perhaps?) that illustrate why life is better when you’re in the boss’s chair! You’d never run your company like this . . . would you?

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