Effective Marketing: 5 Tips to Improve Webpages

    [This article was written by Sohail Rupani.]

    Your website is the face of your company – It shows visitors where the company stands as a whole and what it strives to achieve. Therefore, having an attractive website is now a necessity for almost all businesses.

    Going digital demands your company to have a webpage that showcases all relevant details for the targeted customers. This helps the company improve sales and increase overall revenue.

    The Anatomy of a Webpage

    We usually go through tons of webpages on a day-to-day basis, but we spend time on that one webpage that catches our eye – one that has engaging content with attractive pictures and maybe some videos. All in all a complete package!

    It is clear that many companies need to catch up with the new digital trends to improve their website and make it more useful and up to date. Companies spend millions to find answers to a simple question: What can we do to improve our webpages?

    Well here are 5 effective marketing tips you can take up to make your website effective.

    1. Optimize Your Page Speed

    The first and foremost tip is to optimize your page speed. Usually when people search online they tend to go for webpages that load within seconds. An extra 5 second can increase your website’s bounce rate by more than 20% and that translates into a huge loss. People prefer less wait when they go online and prefer websites that load quickly and easily without any hassle.

    So your business should manage the speed of your website and decrease your page-load time, speedmonitor.io. This way you will not only help your visitors, but also provide them a reason to visit again

    The subconscious mind starts assessing if something is interesting or not even before the conscious mind starts to think. Color catches the eye of the visitor even before they read the content. In order to make your website more appealing try using vibrant colors.

    A dull website never attracts anyone and would rather be useless. A bit of creativity along with some experimentation goes a long way into achieving long-term goals for any business.

    1. Quality Content

    Yes, that’s right! If there’s anyone who thinks you can get away with a messy boring write up on your website, well you are mistaken! You might engage people with color and attractive cues but that does not mean you can compromise on the content.

    Content is what keeps the target audience glued to your website. The content should be engaging, include relevant facts and figures about the company. You can add eye-catching examples too to cheer up your audience and make them stay on the webpage.

    As important as the content is for a website, how we write/present is even more important. For instance, you can go on and on telling people what you do but the person reading it wouldn’t care to read until it’s in easy and simple to comprehend. What we mean is: cut short your content, use less words to sum up a whole sentence.

    1. Visuals & Media

    Relevant content with a combination of some good quality pictures is a win-win scenario for your company. While reading a novel, you might have imagined or pictured few scenes and would love to see it described in a pictorial form? Yeah, well that would’ve been really nice but usually novels do not carry pictures but when going digital you do have the liberty to use as many pictures as you want to make your content more interesting than it already is.

    Some companies go for customized banners to lessen the content description and make its audience think as to what message they are trying to convey. That is a powerful marketing tactic where companies usually play with the subconscious mind – as that is where the information gets stored for the longest period of time. So if you are able to convey your message with the help of a single picture, half the battle is already won.

    Another technique widely used by companies is uploading videos on webpages to make your website more image based. Videos are a common yet effective way to deliver the message while showing what you actually mean to say.

    1. Easy Navigation

    Last but certainly not the least is yet another effective tip that most companies often ignore. Being creative is a good thing, but extra creativity often leads to difficulty in understanding the message of the company.

    We often see websites that are full of filters and 3D effects, but what’s the point of such a website where one can’t navigate easily? That’s what we need to keep in mind when developing a website. Webpages need to be engaging yet linked to one another in such a way that the visitor can easily go back and forth to, let’s say compare the prices of their favorite handbag or a camera. This makes it easier for a user to navigate your website thereby cutting the decision-making time.

    Easy navigation also implies to using common keywords, one that your user would generally use like “what we do” instead of “areas of expertise” etc. These keywords will not only make things easier for the users, but they would also help your company achieve good rankings on search engines. Therefore, easy navigation is absolutely vital to make the webpages user friendly and relevant.

    1. Chatbots & Visuals

    Charts and graphs can also be used with relevant stats and proper figures to make the content more understandable. Making the user feel connected – need I say more. That is usually possible with the help of forms that the users can fill on the website or chatbots to improve user experience. That helps if a user has a query and needs urgent answers.

    Many ecommerce companies now prefer chatbots where their customers can easily interact with a representative any time.

    Most users often visit websites on their mobile devices hence it is important to make the website mobile friendly so that your targeted customers can easily navigate the website on the go. So in order to improve your webpages, make sure you incorporate the above mentioned ideas when creating a webpage for your business.

    The Bottom Line

    These are some of the most effective tips we have shared with you to improve your webpages, we certainly believe that there are other details that can help your company’s website achieve its objective. Once you focus on the above mentioned points these tiny details should be kept in mind too in order to further improve your webpages.

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