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Lessons Learned From a Failed Startup

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.] Startups have the odds stacked against them. With 50% of businesses failing in their first year, all entrepreneurs have to overcome great challenges to create a business that will turn a profit. One

4 Ways Your Business Can Practice Sustainability

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.] It is increasingly important for businesses to practice sustainability in today’s world. The planet is filled with materials that are used once and left out to decompose for centuries. You can play an

Top 7 Tips to Boost Web security without Compromising User Experience (UX)

[This article was written by Smith Willas .] In today’s world of technology, e-commerce business or a business brand is acknowledged by its website. A website is the best source of interaction between you and your clients. The trust will

4 Tips to Survive in the E-commerce Business

[This article was written by Keith Coppersmith.] The advent of the Internet and other digital technologies created a unique platform for companies to access consumers. An online one. Online shopping has changed from being a mere innovation to a norm

6 Secrets to Running a Successful Home-Based Business

[This article was written by Eric Gordon.] Millions of people dream of starting their own business. Over half of all companies start in the home. You have almost unlimited options, even with very limited funds, and can work as hard

Getting the Most Out of Globalization

[This article was written by Keith Coppersmith.] As the world is becoming ever more interconnected and co-dependent, the unquestionable presence of globalization, as the main force that is shaping the future of our planet, has before been both praised and