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Information about how to incorporate a business in the US and how important it is to your business.

Insanely Creative Corporate Event Ideas That Simply Make It Rocking

[This article was written by Michael Zhou.] When it comes to planning and organizing a corporate event, all that you are concerned with is how to professionally convey the underlying message with fun and engagement. A corporate event means nothing

The Best 4 Equipment You Need to Invest in for Your First Office

[This article was written by Margaux Weighner.] Now that you’ve leveled up your small business and decided to get an office, it’s also about time to start considering which equipment you’ll need to keep your company up and running. Yes,

4 Dropbox Alternatives for Small Business Cloud Storage

[This article was written by Brittany Hall.] Today, cloud storage is basically everywhere. The majority of apps are built in the cloud, and that’s where many people store their photos, music, and videos. It’s become such a norm, that you

5 Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

[This article was written by Susan Taylor.] The best parts of employees love to have a positive work environment and they will never wish to work in a negative or unhelpful working environment. A lot of offices keep their employees

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Thinking of Opening a Yoga Studio? There are a Few Things to Consider.

So, you’ve fallen in love with yoga and been practicing for years. You’ve gone through teacher training, multiple workshops, and have been instructing classes at every location you can find. You’ve been describing the philosophy of yoga to anyone who

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Back to the Basics: 7 Offline Marketing Tips

[This article was written by Jessica Velasco.] The digital age is upon us, and daily life reflects this fact. Internet users can do just about anything online—which is a fact not lost on business promoters. In today’s world, a marketing campaign

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