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4 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process

[This article was written by Michelle Delgado.] According to recruiters, we’re living in a job seeker’s market. With unemployment low, many job seekers can afford to be picky about where they work – upping the level of competition companies should

How to Build Rapport With Your Employees

[This article was written by Craig Middleton.] It happens all too often. A business owner or manager is focused on meeting deadlines and achieving goals but doesn’t take the time to build a rapport with their employees. Not doing this

Employee Search: 4 Tools Every Hiring Manager Needs on-Hand

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.] Hiring managers have some of the most important jobs around. They’re essentially in charge of staffing entire companies. If you’re a hiring manager who is committed to strong results and peace of mind,

6 Tips to train & motivate your retail staff

[This article was written by Sneha Mittal.] As a business owner, the success of your business depends on your ability to train and motivate the people that work for you. Do you want your staff to be more energized and perform

Professional Office: How to Keep Your Business Clean and Organized

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.] Professionalism is vital for any business. It’s of the essence for offices that are passionate about productivity. If you want to motivate your employees to do their best, optimal organization is the key.

What to Look for in Hiring New Employees For Your Business

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.] If you are in a manager or HR position, you will be faced with the task of hiring new employees for your business. There are many important qualities to consider in applicants, but