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Private Vs Public Companies: What’s the Difference & What’s the Appeal for Businesses?

[This article was written by Hannah Whittenly.] As an investor, it is important to understand that there are two types of corporate structures. Some companies are privately held, while others are public entities. Understanding the difference between these two structures,

How to get slow paying customers to pony up

[This article was written by Kim Phillipi.] One of the biggest headaches in running a business of your own is in getting all your customers to pay on time. When you run into collection problems, it can put your own

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4 Best Traits of Stellar Financial Advisors for Your Business

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.] The success of your business is directly tied to your ability to successfully manage your money. Through intelligent money management, you may be able to allocate more money to important areas, such as

Seven Scams Small Business Owners Should Know and Avoid

[Today guest post was written by Juli Richardson.] It is an unfortunate truth that small businesses are most frequently targeted by scammers. According to a survey done by Reuters, 31.8% of small business owners fall victim to some sort of fraud. Small

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Paper Or Paperless: What System Should Your Office be Using?

 [This article was written by Brionna Kennedy.] Thanks to constantly updating technology, it’s easier and easier for small businesses to go paperless. It’s easy to jump to conclusions, however, and think that every office should be a paperless one, when that

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