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Business Book Giveaway – 6 Secrets to Startup Success by John Bradberry

In our second comment-to-win Business Book Giveaway contest, we bring you 6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion Into a Thriving Business by experienced entrepreneur, investor, and business consultant John Bradberry. In 2007, Bradberry noticed a disturbing

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Business Book Giveaway Winners Announced

Click and Inc’s first Business Book Giveaway has come to a close, and three individuals who commented on the blog post have won free copies of Mahesh Rao’s Front Runners: Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-Changing Strategies for Total Business

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Business Book Giveaway—Front Runners: Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-changing Strategies for Total Business Transformation by Mahesh Rao

Mahesh Rao is an entrepreneur with a gift: he has the ability to look logically and systematically at a business process or procedure, identify the weak links, and implement specific changes that will strengthen the entire system. With his considerable

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