Business Book Giveaway: EcoCommerce 101 by Tim Gieseke

    “Going green” is all the fad—but for many businesses, it’s a fad reminiscent of the food industry’s obsession with “natural” marketing, where the term was bandied about as a marketing chip and any meaningful connection with health was essentially lost.

    Similarly, a barrage of corporate “green” marketing terminology does not a truly green company make, and it’s easy to become numb to the idea that there really are good businesses out there doing really good things for the environment in ways that transcend marketing and self-promotion altogether.

    But in business, the ability to assign value is king, and perhaps the problem with ecocommerce is that there’s no standard for really quantifying it. But thanks to Tim Gieseke and EcoCommerce 101, now we can.

    Business Book Giveaway: EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy

    EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy

    According to Gieseke, “EcoCommerce . . . provides the framework to build an ecological intelligence system that allows the public arena of commerce to define sustainability.”

    Gieseke shows us that economic development and bio-ecological preservation are more inherently connected than you might think, and that the  two goals can be met (and, in fact, are one and the same) with coordinated effort and a renewed dedication to seeing economy and ecology through the same lens.

    Gieseke points out that “sustainability” is defined by us, the participants in the economy. EcoCommerce 101 is a roadmap for reshaping the market to support a sustainable future we can all be proud of.

    Comment to win!

    We’ve got three copies of EcoCommerce 101 to give away, and we want you to have one of them! Simply leave a comment explaining how your business has contributed to a greener economy (or plans to in the near future). We’ll select three comments at random one week from now, on Tuesday, February 21st, and we’ll contact you for your shipping details if you win. Or, order your own copy from Amazon now!


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      3 comments on “Business Book Giveaway: EcoCommerce 101 by Tim Gieseke
      1. My business has contributed to a greener economy by promoting sustainability values with all our clients who we consult with for strategic planning. Through planning on sustainability rather than giving lip service for marketing techniques we have promoted a greater likelihood for companies to succeed in being green rather than merely giving lip service to a misunderstood financial ecology.

      2. James Rollo says:

        I want this book. My roommate and I are brainstorming about how we can make a futuristic housing community which involves renewable energy, sustainable transportation, locally grown food, modest living quarters and communal events/gatherings. Such a housing project will bring back the sense of community which has weakened in recent history, while still addressing many of the future ecological problems we will in our lives.

      3. Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and the in depth information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog that is not the same old rehashed information. Wonderful site!

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