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Is it time to fire your problem employee?

[This article was written by Alice Porter.] Is it time to fire your problem employee? One of the most uncomfortable experiences that you will have as a manager is taking the initiative to fire your first employee. You may weigh

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How to Choose an Office for Your Startup

[This article was written by Danielle Bourne.] The initial stages of startup life are amazingly exciting. Designing the brand, hiring the first employee and even taking your very first payment can all feel like big steps. But, one that can

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How to Create Multiple Income Streams

[This article was written by Dana Oliver.] In the modern workforce, the average salary can no longer support a household. Multiple income streams, then, have become the norm. But, creating these streams is not always simple nor easy if you

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Linkedin Automation: Scheduling VS Spamming

[This article was written by Benjamin Shepardson.] LinkedIn is growing like crazy. They just reported an increase in membership to 467 million. LinkedIn is the best place to make professional business contacts, and if you’re not using it you’re leaving

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5 Things No One Tells You About Being Self-Employed

[This article was written by Zack Halliwell.] Taking the plunge into self-employment can be extremely satisfying, scary and a little bit risky. But, there are also plenty of things that people don’t actually tell you when it comes to freelancing.

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Successful Entrepreneur: 5 Financial Resources You Will Need to Start a Business

[This article was written by Yassi Parrish.] You say you want to start or open a business. Well, the good thing is that everybody can kickoff a business. However, the only drawback is that launching a business that will prosper