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4 Types of Flooring Sturdy Enough to Withstand Your Business’s Needs

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.] When it comes time to choose new flooring for your business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider besides just the cost. If it’s a high-traffic environment, you need

4 Steps Businesses Can Take to Protect Employees from Coronavirus

[This article was written by Brooke Chaplan.] Owing the continuing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to keep their employees safe and healthy. While there are no guarantees until a vaccine is developed, there are

5 Ways to Save on Factory Manufacturing Costs

[This article was written by Lizzie Weakley.] Manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut down costs, which is often necessary but must be approached carefully. If you cut back too far or in the wrong ways, you could significantly

How Companies are Using Automation to Reduce Workplace Injuries

[This article was written by Jon Muller.] Until a coworker is injured on the job, we seldom think much about workplace safety, or the lack thereof. While the current COVID-19 dominates all the headlines, workplace injuries on the other hand

Is Your Company Spending Too Much on Electricity? 4 Ways to Minimize Costs

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.] Smarter usage of your electricity leads to resulting lower electricity prices. Saving money and conserving electricity is a great combination and a “win-win” situation. Here are some simple and effective tips for you

How to Still Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19

[This article was written by Samantha Higgins.] If you’re running a business and having to think twice now that we’re facing uncertain times during COVID-19, you are not alone. Many business owners are worried about staying afloat and wondering what