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Registering a Sole Proprietorship DBA? 5 Things You Need to Know Before You File

Registering a sole proprietorship—the simplest, most basic type of business, consisting of one unincorporated individual—is a relatively simple process. But whether you’re taking care of the registration on your own, or working with a third-party business incorporation company like Click&Inc,

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How to Change a C Corporation to an S Corporation

When I first incorporated my business, I organized as a C Corporation . . . but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing. Now, I might want to change my C Corporation to an S Corporation. Is it too

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Business Book Giveaway: Howard’s Gift by Eric C. Sinoway

It’s time again for another business book giveaway. Our book this round is Howard’s Gift by Eric Sinoway. Want a free copy? Leave a comment for your chance to win! Ask anyone—Howard Stevenson is a legend at Harvard Business School.

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How to Start a Dog Walking Business

The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder, which can only mean one thing: It’s the perfect season to start a dog walking business! Think about it. In the summer, it’s easy—even enjoyable—for pet owners to give their

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Click&Inc vs. Competitors: How Do We Stack Up?

You’re just starting your business, and it’s likely that money is a little tight right now. You don’t want to be talked into a lot of additional service you can’t afford and don’t need right now. You just want to

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Do I Need a Business License?

“Do I need a business license?” is one of the most common questions we receive in our business incorporation department. New entrepreneurs understand that they do need a business license of some kind—but some might not be clear on the

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