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Thinking of Opening a Yoga Studio? There are a Few Things to Consider.

So, you’ve fallen in love with yoga and been practicing for years. You’ve gone through teacher training, multiple workshops, and have been instructing classes at every location you can find. You’ve been describing the philosophy of yoga to anyone who

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Business Technology: Shoot for the Clouds

[Today’s guest post was written by business writer Amber Newman.] Starting a business is hard work, because you have to start from the ground up. Often, once start-ups get above ground, they stop growing and stagnate. There’s a famous expression

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4 Reasons Why Your Turnover Rate is High

[Today’s guest post was written by Kelly Gregorio.] As an employer, turnover costs your business time, money, and some completely avoidable stress. By reviewing your current management methods and with a willingness to make some reasonable adjustments, you cannot only retain

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Business Book Giveaway: “Advice Is for Winners,” by Raul Valdes-Perez

We’ve all held back from asking for advice. We’ve been in situations where we didn’t know what to do, and we could have asked someone more knowledgeable than us for advice—but we didn’t. Maybe it worked out in the end

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Keeping Your Corporation Compliant in 2013

2013: Not Just New Calendar Year It’s a new calendar year, and if your corporation—like so many corporations—chose December for your fiscal year end, a new bookkeeping year as well. Whether you filed your Articles of Incorporation last year or

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Business Book Giveaway: Out-Executing the Competition: Building and Growing a Financial Services Company in Any Economy by Irv Rothman

Irv Rothman, as the dust jacket of Out-Executing the Competition notes, knows a thing or two about the financial services industry. After all—he’s been the President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Financial Services for over ten years. Now, Rothman brings his

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