8 Tools your Small Business Needs in 2019

    [This article was written by Cathy Stodd.]

    If your small business isn’t taking advantage of everything that modern technology has to offer in 2019, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Digital tools can significantly decrease the amount of time and money you spend on marketing, bookkeeping, communication, and so much more. To ensure your small business maximizes its efforts this year, consider implementing any number of these eight tools into your day to day:

    1. HootSuite Social Media Manager

    Hootsuite makes social media management simpler for small businesses by managing multiple networks, creating and scheduling posts in advance, monitoring the success rate of posts and interacting with followers all in one place. After all, social media is a powerful tool for marketing but can be difficult for small businesses to handle without streamlining into one platform.

    1. 8×8 Contact Center

    8x8’s tools have many important benefits for small businesses, such as call whispering, historical performance tracking, and intelligent scheduling. Upgrade your contact center platform with the ability to interact with remote workers easier by giving you the ability to adjust schedules quickly and online in minutes as day-to-day challenges arise.

    1. TeamViewer 13

    Remote support has come a long way from relaying issues over the phone. TeamViewer 13 gives administrators complete access to any desktop, application or dataset so users can skip explaining problems over the phone and reduce miscommunication.

    1. Wave Financial Tracker

    Allow your computer to do your accounting for you for free in half the time as a human? Wave’s free offering provides many benefits that are perfect for small businesses, which includes unlimited account connections, guest collaborations, and expense tracking.

    1. Google My Business

    Make your small business more visible in the search engine results by using Google My Business. Through it, you can post your business’ data such as hours, location, pricing information, virtual tours and even more to bring awareness to your business. Bonus benefit: including this information can help your SEO ranking as well!

    1. Kickstarter Crowdfunding

    If you are planning to crowdsource business funding without giving away equity, utilize Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to fund a campaign. This tool allows you to recruit micro-donors and incentivize these donors with future products or gifts of your choosing.

    1. Canva

    Use Canva to upgrade your blog to have the feel of professionally designed graphics without the cost or the expertise. Canva has pre-formatted templates to make creating social media banners, blog graphics, and marketing flyers a breeze. This tool can make your amateur, no or low-budget marketing effort look like a seasoned professional job.

    1. Slack Chat

    Utilize Slack chat system to help your small business streamline project management, instant messaging and video conferencing in one place. Slack provides your employees the ability to create different chat channels for different teams where they can instant message, share and store files, and video chat with one another.

    These tools can help you avoid many setbacks that tend to arise in the day-to-day of small business. Whether you need to streamline communication, financial planning or social media activity, all of these tools are great options to use your time more efficiently and reap the benefits.

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    Cathy is a digital media specialist who enjoys writing about all things business. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, painting and enjoying time with family.”

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