4 Tips to Handle Employee Paycheck Concerns

    [This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

    No matter how much your employees might love working for you, it’s important to remember that they are working for you to get paid. There are bound to be many concerns about payroll in your future, so your job as a business owner is to have systems in place to alleviate those concerns in a reasonable manner. Below are just four of the ways you can efficiently handle your employee payroll concerns.

    Keep a Schedule

    Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your employees is to make sure that you have a steady payroll schedule. This is more than just making sure you know when paychecks are going to get delivered – you need to know when everything is going to be processed and when the cut-off dates are for specific types of payment and reimbursement. Being able to point to a calendar is incredibly useful when employees have questions.

    Get Payroll Software

    It’s absolutely vital that you have payroll software. You need to be able to take a look at payroll on and make changes on the fly, especially if employees bring major issues to your attention. Having software not only helps you to become more agile when it comes to payroll issues, but it also helps your business look much more professional when such issues are brought up.

    Be Transparent with Pay Rates

    While this might go against common wisdom for some, you need to make sure that you are transparent with pay rates. Make it very clear what you pay the people in each position and try to show how you compare against market rates. This not only helps your employees better understand why their checks are what they are, but it puts things in perspective for many.

    Offer Paths for Advancement

    If your employees have complaints about what they are making, it can be helpful to show them that there is a possibility of making more money. Whether it’s looking at bonus structures for better sales or pointing out the possibility of internal promotion, your employees need to know that there is a path forward that doesn’t involve having to move to another company.

    Put systems in place to help deal with employee paycheck concerns. Use the right software, be clear about rates, and talk to your employees when they feel like there’s not a path towards better pay. If you can provide the answers, you’ll find that your employees will be much calmer when they have questions.

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