4 Things Job Recruiters Like to See on a Resume

    [This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

    Job seekers should not count recruiters out as helpful resources for landing the role they want. Recruiters are slightly different from hiring managers but look for many of the same things on a resume. The following are four items they like to see that will be beneficial to your job search.

    Work Experience

    Work experience relevant to the job you are seeking is always the most important thing to include on a resume. However, if you have not held the same or similar positions before, other jobs can still demonstrate your relevant abilities and experience. General labor jobs, for example, show that you are a hard worker and physically fit. Focus on the skills you put to use at a job and the things you did that make you a good candidate for the type of job you are now seeking.

    No Gaps in Employment

    Recruiters like to see continuous employment, especially in jobs that lasted longer than a year, because it demonstrates that someone wanted to hire you and that you lasted at the job past the standard six-month review. Too much job hopping or gaps in employment are often red flags. It doesn’t mean you won’t get the job, but you will need to explain why those gaps are there. Recruiters may help you find ways to put down other employment during the gaps, such as freelance work that you did. However, never lie or fudge dates.

    Specific Examples

    Instead of more generic descriptions of duties at each individual job, recruiters like to see individual examples of your achievements. You want to show how you excelled and what you achieved when you held this position. This helps you stand out from other candidates who held similar roles. Recruiters like to see this because it makes you a stronger candidate—they will have an easier time placing you.

    Other Relevant Interests

    While you should never bog down a resume with unnecessary information, sometimes including a hobby or interest can be very beneficial for you. Interests and hobbies can help demonstrate your passion for an industry or further prove skills you are trying to showcase. Recruiters like to see tidbits like this because it helps your personality come across in a resume when that is normally rather challenging to do.

    Resumes are tricky. There is no one magic formula that creates a perfect, job-winning resume because every candidate is different. Recruiters want to fill positions so they can be instrumental in helping you find a job, and these resume pluses give them much more to work with.

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