3 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Accessible for Employees and Clients

    [This article was written by Brooke Chaplan.]

    Accessibility is of major importance, especially when you own a business and want to treat your employees and clients with respect. Whether you have elevators to the upper floors or accessible seating, you have likely already taken some steps toward making improvements. However, you also must ensure that your parking lot is accessible, safe, and easy to navigate for the well-being and longevity of your clients and employees.

    Priority Parking Spaces

    Your parking lot absolutely must have spots that are reserved for individuals with stickers on their car indicating that they are handicapped. Make certain that these spots are close to the entrance of the building so that individuals do not have to walk a great distance to get in. Also, you should ensure that these spaces are wide enough that the employees or clients who have wheelchairs can move out from the car. Some vans have ramps that the wheelchairs can come down, and these ramps require space, which is why many handicapped parking stalls have a wide area beside them where cars are not allowed to park.

    Spacing and Surfacing

    The other spots in the lot should offer ample space as well. When spots are too close together, individuals may struggle to get in or out of their cars or to meet with a representative at your company. Clients may come to the office with their children and may need to get car seats and carriers out of the vehicle. Furthermore, the pavement should be smooth to protect against accidents. Opting for parking lot resurfacing can help to prevent falls from happening in the lot. In addition to bettering the walking experience for employees and clients, a smooth surface can offer a better ride through the lot.

    Safety and Security

    Clients and employees should also feel safe when they are walking through the lot. A parking lot that is too far away from your place of business can instigate feelings of fear and anxiety, especially at night or in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. Establishing a lot that is adjacent to your business is imperative. You should also look into security cameras and signs advertising the security cameras to help individuals to feel safer during their walk and to potentially scare away criminals from the property.

    As the parking lot is often one of the first impressions on-site visitors have of your business, it’s important to make it as accessible as possible. Providing an accessible parking lot will make your employees and clients feel valued, appreciated and secure, which will in turn benefit your company’s growth.

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