Month: April 2012

Business Loans 101: 4 Ways to Make Your Business Attractive to Banks

Business loans are not given to people simply for their great ideas. If you’ve got a great business idea, congratulations! But this doesn’t make you unique, and it doesn’t make anyone want to give you money. So what sets a

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Friday Favorites: E-Commerce Edition

This week, we’re all about e-commerce! As usual, we’ve collected some amazing blog posts from around the interwebs for some light weekend reading. Come back to work Monday morning refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to rake in those online sales! “Six

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Is My Small Business Ready to Incorporate? Five Clues That it Might Be Time

Incorporating a business can be time-consuming, costly, a hassle to keep in compliance, risky—and it just might be the best small business decision you’ve ever made. Here are five clues that it might be time to take your business to

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Friday Favorites: Employee or Entrepreneur?

Employee or entrepreneur? With the unemployment rate what it is, many people are asking themselves what the best move is: work for an existing business as an employee, or go the entrepreneur route and start their own businesses. While there’s

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Angry Customers: Customer Service for Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, you may or may not have an actual “customer service” team. Odds are, you’re wearing many hats in your organization, as might your employees, and customer service is likely just one of those hats.

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Friday Favorites: Big Picture Edition

Regardless of your situation, everyone can stand to take a step back and do some big-picture thinking. Here are a few great resources we’ve come across this week to get the gears turning! 5 Lessons From the Recession for Young

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