Month: September 2011

Starting a Nonprofit: Checklist (Part 2)

In our previous post, Starting a Nonprofit: Checklist (Part 1), we discussed the organizational steps leading up to forming your 501c3 nonprofit organization: Write a purpose statement Pick a business name Choose your board of directors Decide what state to

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Starting a Nonprofit: Checklist (Part 1)

Starting a nonprofit organization is a complex process, requiring extensive planning and compliance with both state and federal jurisdictions. But there’s an easy way not to be overwhelmed—as with anything in business, a solid plan and careful research are the keys

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Copyrighting a Book: Important Information for Authors

In the book publishing world of today, copyrighting your book seems like the least of your worries—but as an author, it’s important that you understand not only your legal rights as a writer, but how to defend them. Your career

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Keeping Your Small Business Afloat and Weathering the Economy

Let’s face it—the economy just isn’t getting better. Businesses aren’t hiring; they’re busy worrying about if they’ll be able to open their doors tomorrow. If your small business has been inching closer and closer to the brink, now is the

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Commercial Registered Agents and Your Business

Have you considered a commercial agent? When you incorporate a business (or form an LLC), that new corporation or LLC becomes a separate legal entity from you. Because of this, it’s important that there is an individual representing the company,

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